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BY THE BY: Our Miscarriage 

© Casey Kelbaugh

Casey and I had known each other for three months when I got pregnant. At least, we had only recently gotten to know each other: We first met 15 years ago in New York City. When I bought a home in Woodstock in late 2020, not far from where Casey also happened to live, mutual friends put us in touch again. He came over to catch up with a dinner that lasted well into the night. We were pretty inseparable after that.

Not long after, I took the test, and Casey, a photojournalist, started taking pictures.

I remember being annoyed with Casey for taking pictures. What I didn’t realize was the whole time I was bleeding, being operated on, and recovering, he was photographing. This was his love language, his way of saying, “I’m here, I see you and your pain.

I didn’t know it then, but Casey bought an engagement ring online as we were flying back to New York from France.

We’re getting married in July!

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text by Becca Leitman and photography by Casey Kelbaugh

Becca Leitman Kelbaugh is a psychotherapist and Casey Kelbaugh is a photographer based between New York City and the Catskills. Together they’re launching Carriage, a web3 space for people to share their miscarriage stories and support one another.

The story was originally featured on The Cut

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