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I Love Bergen 

© Helge Skodvin

For the last two years Helge Skodvin has been photographing his hometown of Bergen, Norway every day in the month of May.

Bergen, the second largest city in Norway. The gateway to the Fjords... is a wet and rainy city all through the year (on average it rains around 250 days a year). "I guess you could say it’s kind of slow during the Winter. But in May the city explode into life. All kinds of happenings, festivals, National Day, celebrations, good weather, blooming, and general good feelings." proclaims Skodvin

This project is a declaration of love for his city, where he's born and bread, and still lives. This is a work in progress and he intends to continue shooting for many years to come...

At the end of a normal wet and cold summer, my Mother always say ‘We can’t complain. We did have those nice days in May’ Every time I show guests around town on a wet and silent winter day I say ’Sorry about the weather, but come back in May’ Bergen is city that 11 months of the year are longing for the month of May to begin. Then it’s off with the wellies and on with the top hat. Bergen in May is a carnival and chaotic. Bergen in May is balloons and buns. It’s marching and marzipan. All other places the month of May is a taste of the summer to come. In Bergen May is the party itself. Cause we know that the rain will come...

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