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I’m coming back 

© Isabella De Maddalena

Thinking about the condition of those who are in prison, I imagine that one of the strongest sensations, must be linked to the invisibility that one lives with respect to the world.

First of all loved ones: parents, friends, children, partners. Maybe sometimes the invisibility of respect itself. Thanks to the collaboration of the “Direzione della Casa Circondariale di Milano San Vittore” and of Drs. Francesca Masini and Marianna Grimaldi, who are responsible, respectively, for the women's section of the San Vittore prison and the Istituto a custodia attenuata per detenute madri (ICAM) in Milan (a structure of family custody for mothers with children up to 6 years old), I met 18 of the women who are currently imprisoned at the two institutions.

For all of them, I asked each to choose an object that helps them get out of this ‘invisibility’ and which reconnect them with an important part of their identity, and that allows them to reach a center from which they can start their lives afresh. With the intention of also bringing their faces out of invisibility, I took portraits of them, which I will present side-by-side, together with the images of the objects they chose.

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We have testimonials from each of the inmates.

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