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Oh My Dog!

© Diambra Mariani/Prospekt

The death of a pet can be incredibly hard, especially when you have a serious bond with an animal who’s been your constant companion for years.

The disposal of the body of a cat or a dog is not as simple as one might think: the most common option is having the body cremated, even more, common than burial in a yard or cemetery.

The number of pet crematories is growing rapidly, in response to increasing demand.

On annual basis, FEDIAF releases data on the European pet population.

According to a report in 2017, cats remain the most popular pets in European households with a stable population of 74.4 million in the EU; dogs are growing in popularity with 66.4 million dogs in the EU.

In the report “Because they’re Worth It: Pet Care Global Overview” published by Euromonitor in October 2016 they say that “Pet humanisation continues to deepen, as the companionship provided by pets, particularly cats and dogs, appears to address a fundamental psychological need in many people as society becomes more urbanised and atomized”.

People and Industry approach to pet loss endorse such a position: the pet care sector contribute a significant turnover of €36.5 billion.

The pet cremation process is becoming standardized, with various ancillary businesses providing support, like pet-specific incinerators, urns in various sizes, jewellery that contains ashes or even diamonds made from pet's ashes.

This photographic project shows the demand for this kind of service and the way in which such items can become talismans that help owners remember their pets in a meaningful way.

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