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Blue Donkey & Red Elephant 

© Jens Schwarz

The longform multimedia documentary project explores the dichotomous political identities within the American society. It’s an investigation of diverging ways of life, social settings, perceptions and behaviors within the political spectrum.

The work comprises photography, video and audio, thus assembling, contrasting and balancing diverse voices and notions in a complex narrative. Also using the foreground of the political campaigning and the electoral process for the 2020 Primary Elections, my intention was to look at the sociological backgrounds and establish a deeper and more subtle visual narrative in a comprehensive form.

The project is structured in 22 consecutive episodes with coherent stories and openly looks at both sides of what has been strategically constructed, maintained and exploited as a so called social division.

The whole body of work comes as a result of open anthropological field research, and every viewer and recipient is invited to eventually form his or her own view!

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Westwood is a suburban neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. Once a year the Harvest Home parade is held, featuring a variety of traditionalist, nationalist and militarist presentations and performances.

Ethan and his father offering their Mossberg AR15 MMR Tactical Generation 2 Cal 5.56 for sale outside the C&E Gun Show, Sharonville Convention Center, Sharonville, Ohio
Desirae from the League of Women Voters of the Cincinnati Area conduc- ting a voter registration training for women. The nonpartisan political organization encourages informed and active participation in government. It influences public policy through education and advocacy. It covers information on who may vote, how to register, absentee voting, election day voting and provisional ballots.

With her earned income, Chandler would not be able to buy a car; Though, she wanted to be more in- dependent and decided to lease one, South Fairmont, Cincinnati, Ohio
The ›NAACP Candidates Forum‹ hosts candidates from the Democratic Party to pre- sent themselves to the community; Cincinnati, Ohio

The Primary Election 2020, voting place Pct 109, Hawthorne Ln, Charlotte, North Carolina

Jack lives alone with his daughter Chandler in South Fairmont, one of Cincinnati’s we- stern suburbs, as his spouse and Chandler’s mother died several years ago. Jack works as a gardener and handyman. Chandler finished high school and now works for DHL.

Vismaya knocking on doors for a Democratic Candidate, Cincinnati, Ohio
The ›NAACP Candidates Forum‹ Cincinnati, Ohio

Trump supporters applaud during his rally at Bojangles Coliseum, Charlotte, North Carolina
Trump rally, Charlotte, North Carolina

President Donald Trump adressing his supporters on March, 2nd 2020; Charlotte, North Carolina

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