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Brigitte Diez

location: Mexico City, Mexico

Diez is a Venezuelan photographer that holds a degree in communications, she is a self-taught who specializes in fashion and commercial photography. Using her own creative expressiveness, Brigitte enchants portraits and fashion concepts with wondrous life. As she follows her intuitive and creative imagination, her works turn into artistic creations.

Over the past decade she has been commissioned by numerous magazines and brands in Europe, US and Latinoamérica. Some brands she has worked with are: H&M, Audible-Amazon, Puma, Corona, T Mobile, Uber, AT&T, T Mobile, Nescafé, Quacker, Bohemia, Hennessy, Denizen-Levis, Walmart, Coppel, Oxxo Gas, Liverpool, VIPS, DiDi, Neo City, Bissu, Pure, Barefoot, Ciel, Klar, NU, among others.

She also has a weakness for artistic collaborations, which she has shown together with actors, musicians, and artists. 
¨Photography for me is more than just work, it's art and life... Experimentation, expression, self-exploration. From a subtle human expression to a dramatic social scene, portrait and fashion photography become a channel that allow me to discover an infinite and complex human world, including mine.¨

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