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© Joakim Eskildsen

"My god, what a land!" Virginia Woolf said, wondering why she did not live in Cornwall. Cornwall, a place that alternates between hard and tender, between rugged edges, overflowing flora and fauna and vibrant fishing villages. Joakim Eskildsen is also fascinated by this landscape, which is characterized by the sea, caressed by the mist, spoiled by the rain, exhilarated by the sun. Four times INSTITUTE artist Eskildsen traveled to Cornwall, and every time he returned with images that let us into the everlasting spell of Land's End.

Cornwall was an unknown location for me before embarking on my trips for the book. However, given that my favorite lighting is found amongst thick fog, the climate on the English peninsula couldn’t have been better! Rain, fog and storms were the norm and blue skies the exception. Cornwall is, in many aspects, a place full of contrast. Despite the smallness in size, one will encounter both overgrown wetlands and steep cliffs in the highlands. The coastline is full of quaint fishing villages with restaurants, stores and a great deal of tourism, while the towns further inland are often rundown without many possibilities for the people living there. Cornwall is rich with historical manors, palaces and, thanks to the subtropical climate, some of the most spectacular gardens of England. The mining and fishing industries that had once brought Cornwall great wealth have now, with their decline, made Cornwall one of the poorest regions in the UK. With this in mind, I attempted to stay true to myself and my artistic vision in my work. What fascinated me as I began taking photos was that I could choose people, houses and weather but I could not contrive anything that wasn’t there. This is what led me in my travels through the various regions of Cornwall, meeting with its residents and documenting its architecture - most often in foggy wet weather!

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Publisher: mare verlag (German edition)
With text by Martina Wimmer
132 photographs
Format 30 × 26 cm
€ 58
ISBN 978-3-86648-296-8

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