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© Joakim Eskildsen

In the month of June, I spent a week in Deauville, commissioned by Planches Contact to photograph the town. Not knowing Deauville from before, I had imagined a busy town at the seaside, most likely under the sun – but what I woke up to, was a deserted town with closed shops, empty beaches, under heavy rain. Deauville, being the closest seaside resort to Paris, is one of the most fancy holiday resorts of French high society, perfectly arranged with casinos, horse race courses, marinas, luxury shops, and sumptuous villas and hotels. Soon realizing that most people I asked to be photographed did not want to be disturbed, I decided to forget all pre-imagined plans and just walk and hope for the best, and so I explored every single road and path of the town, at all times of the day. Towards the weekend, when the Parisians arrived, the town suddenly changed completely. There were long lines of people coming from the train station all the way to the beach, and exclusive cars all over the place. By the end of the weekend, the Parisians had left, and Deauville seemed as deserted as before.

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Ceci n’est pas le 21ème arrondissement

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