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Full Moon Rising 

© Iain Mckell

This is a three month isolation story.

In late March 2020 photographer Iain Mckell made the conscious decision to return to his home town of Weymouth, Dorset. McKell has underlying health conditions and was advised that he was at high risk of contracting the Corona virus in densely populated London where he resides. The pandemic is global, but at that time London was suffering significantly; hospitals were overwhelmed with increasing cases and tragically many patients died alone.

It felt important to Iain to also be near his family and also to be close to nature. To see big skies and long horizons and the full moon rising over the sea in the black as ink night reminded him of his childhood. During this reflective time he found himself working on a new project.

There was an epic sense to the seascapes, and he enjoyed the expansiveness. Having made early work whilst growing up in Weymouth (Private Reality, Diary of a Teenage Boy) McKell was drawn to the environment and people once again. Even in this period of isolation it felt important to make a connection with people and the landscape.

Walking and cycling along the sea shore, suburbs and road trips to other coastal towns and bays nearby. With a 35mm camera and rolls of colour and b&w film photographs along the way McKell reflected, on his past and the future. A future hopefully well rid of Covid-19.

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