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Greek Islands 

© George Tatakis

A selection of images from the photographer’s two projects, “Ethos” and “Caryatis”, regarding Greek tradition. These images were made in Greek islands, both in the Aegean and the Ionian Sea.

In “Ethos”, photographer’s earlier project, the images were made during local traditional events. They are snapshots of real life moments unfolding in front of the photographer. George Tatakis was visiting all of Greece to find these events and made the images during the event unfolding.

“Caryatis” is in a way an evolution of Ethos, and the work is concentrated on Greek female traditional costumes. The main difference with Ethos though, is that this time, the images are staged by the photographer instead. An appropriate location is found after on-the-spot scouting, and all the sets are created by the photographer, using available props. In that way, everything is controlled by G. Tatakis, up to the last detail.

The images in this series are made in Greek islands, from nearby islands, like Salamina (a 20 minute trip on a ferry), to Kastellorizon (over 20 hours by ship). A variety of ethnography, from Easter and Summer customs and celebrations, to presentations of local traditional costumes. Litanies, dancing, happiness and sorrow, a colourful diverse collage of events across the cycle of life and the cycle of the year. Each image, a unique interesting story.

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This work is part of a long term project - Greek Tradition

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