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Limo Bob

© Lauren Greenfield

A gilded, bombastic manifestation of the American ideal of the self-made man, Limo Bob owes his reinvented identity to determination and decadence, qualities he’s leveraged in equal measure.
Born Robert J Strauser in small-town Illinois, Limo Bob, the “Limo King”, has translated his ambitious craving for glitz, fame, and superlatives into a limousine empire whose fleet includes the record-breaking 100-foot limo, and another fashioned from a Boeing 727.

In addition to renting, selling, and buying limos, his Chicago-based Limo King Enterprises, Inc will also custom build them from virtually anything with four wheels — features include crystal chandeliers, Jacuzzis, queen size beds, and ample seating for up to 36 touring occupants (many of whom have been celebrities).

For an additional rental fee, Bob’s “midget maître d’”, Shorty, will serve champagne and hors d’oeuvres, navigating through the limo party at his full height. Predictably, Limo Bob is as ostentatious as his machine, following a daily fashion regiment that includes 33 pounds of gold, sunglasses day and night, shirts that glimmer like disco balls, and often a full length fur coat (a gift from Mike Tyson).

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