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FEMININ contains more than 100 photos of a wide and varied crowd of people between 0 and 102 years old. Some are in puberty, some identify as different genders than the one they were born into, others struggle with anorexia, anxiety or dementia – and many settle on society's ideals of beauty.

The award-winning documentary photographer Marie Hald shows with photos and texts that there are many different ways to be a feminine person. Her quiet hope is to help ensure that no one feels ashamed, guilty or lonely because they don't see someone in the media they can mirror and identify with – whether it's about body sizes, diagnoses, gender identity or sexuality.

FEMININ is a photo collection that contains both published and unpublished photos. Marie Hald's photos are 'raw' and not photoshopped, so the book shows the strength, wear, magic and aesthetics of the 'true' body.

Marie Hald (born 1987) is a Danish photojournalist based in Copenhagen. She is part of the Moment Agency, a creative community for award-winning documentary photographers. Marie Hald's photos have been featured in, among others, TIME Magazine, the Washington Post, The Guardian and Le Monde.

Publisher: Gyldendal
208 pages
Release Date: 14 September 2022

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