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Rimini Versus The World

© Riverboom

Crystalline waters and fine white sands? Nope. Wildlife, nature, and huts on the beach? Not even close. According to conventional wisdom, the tourist draw of Rimini and the Italian Riviera, the coastal region celebrated by Federico Fellini, is close to zero. And yet every year, thousands of vacationers flock to the endless (and overcrowded) beaches. It goes without saying that the fun-loving locals wouldn't leave the Riviera, not even under the threat of torture.

The magnet that draws everything from hordes of young revelers to middle-aged German ladies, who stroll along the shoreline at dawn, is called creativity. That which Rimini does not have it invents. Ingenuity and imagination have filled in for nature, and the charm of the locals has done the rest.

You will therefore find pools on the beach, avant-garde discotheques, high-tech race tracks, family restaurants, amusement parks, fitness centers on the water's edge, every extreme sport, and an enormous spread of umbrellas supervised by flirtatious lifeguards. Rimini is Italy's answer to California, where airbeds substitute for surfboards, Liscio (Italian folk music) stands in for the Beach Boys, and the Piadina takes over for hot dogs.

Among the paradoxes, oxymorons, and transgressions, Rimini is the ideal place to observe and consider our use of leisure time.
Riverboom does this in its own way, with an approach modeled on the esprit of the coast: direct and seductive.

In Rimini Versus the World, the symbols of this mecca are placed against similar situations in other parts of the world. The resulting conflict, to our great benefit, is closer to Paintball then to war.

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