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10.14.2023 - 12.30.2023
24 Rue Beranger, 75003, Paris 

The perception and treatment of others in a globalized world is one of the cornerstones of our society. Images carry as much weight as the greatest speeches. Quite often, they even help to legitimize certain behaviours.

For the different generations of the 21st century, Africa has always been represented as a sub-continent. Those who live there are dehumanized, reduced to poor children covered in flies or at best, trophies glorifying the examples of those who find success once they arrive (and are accepted) in the West. But this mechanism of pity, of the single narrative, produces a distortion of reality. There’s something frustrating about never being the norm in a world where that term now seems meaningless. What’s more, this frustration can only be reinforced when you’re deprived of your own narrative.

But therein lies Thandiwe Muriu’s strength. An atypical career path, breaking the norms of her country and the expectations of a “great artistic career”, while recounting the beauty of her reality. You thought you could throw me away presents the elements that make the artist’s work so iconic. Her work encourages viewers to take a fresh look at the concepts of identity and free expression, exploring what it means to be a strong, modern woman. By drawing on her own experience, the Kenyan artist is ultimately addressing women the world over. Indeed, if there’s one subject common to all the demands, expectations, criticisms and stolen speeches, it is Woman. In just 3 years, the young photographer has established a vibrant identity that cannot be ignored, joining the ranks of those who are helping to reclaim the African narrative and its image.

Press and collectors preview
Friday 13 October 2023, from 10am to 7pm

Saturday 14 October 2023, from 4pm to 9pm

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