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The Wolf of Wall Street

© Lauren Greenfield

"The Wolf of Wall Street", Jordan Belfort, earned over $50 million a year at the height of his career by selling inflated stocks in a scam that ultimately got him convicted for money laundering and securities fraud. He lived a lavish lifestyle filled with parties, drugs, prostitutes, and luxury toys, including the yacht originally built for Coco Chanel. He eventually paid the price with a prison term and a $110 million dollar fine for restitution. During his 22-month stint in prison, his cellmate, Tommy Chong, of Cheech and Chong, encouraged him to write down his life stories. As a result came two memoirs, which inspired a feature film directed by Martin Scorcese starring Leonardo Dicaprio due out December 2013. Now, a changed man, Belfort lives a secluded life, with his fiancé and small business team in Manhattan Beach, California. He plays tennis everyday, to a point of obsession: he records his practices and replays them at night, and his fiancé jokes his racket is like his teddy bear and blanket. He says obsession is his best and worst trait, "I have to be the best at everything I do."

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