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This Is A Pipe

© Nicholas Fahey & Brad Melshenker

The Evolution of the Glass Pipe and its Artists

THIS IS A PIPE depicts the history and the evolution of the glass pipe and the artists that shaped the art form in today’s modern cannabis culture.  The 50 different artist profiles are filled with stunning imagery and interviews that track glass pipes progression from outlaw status, to status-symbol.  THIS IS A PIPE’s breathtaking photography and thought-provoking interviews paint a timely and unprecedented overview of a underground culture that has blossomed into a respected functional art form, in a new world, free from prohibition.  This book is the first of its kind to record these individuals in their own words, and create a comprehensive timeline and story of the glass art sub culture for the printed page.  

Starting 40 years ago, with the Godfather of the movement Bob Snodgrass, this book follows the development of the art form from the beginning, all the way to what borosilicate glass has become today.  The pioneers of this art form have had to adapt to the laws and innovate their glass sculptures as cannabis developed  new forms of consumption.  THIS IS A PIPE is the oral history documenting and setting the record for the future generation of artists to learn and grow into the artists of tomorrow.

Skull Hookah, 2016

Phoenix Sun Tube, 2009
Optimus Prime, 2013
The photographs in this book are more than just records of the artworks; these photographs rival the work they are capturing.  The dynamic colors and the distinct shaping of these glass works have such a sexy aesthetic that they make for stunning photographs.  These pipes were shot by remarkable photographers, outside of the human environment, to showcase them as artifacts of a time and place in American culture.  

Based in Los Angeles, THIS IS A PIPE Publishing LLC is the first fine art book publisher that is dedicated to cannabis culture.  Our focus is to raise awareness and educate about the responsible use of cannabis within the fine art community.  Our projects focus on highlighting legacy stories with historical significance in the cannabis community.   We create photographic and illustrative limited edition publications for the cannabis community and beyond.  We work to create publications that can provide researched historical content and educational documents for those in and outside of the cannabis community.  

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