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War Games

© Luca Locatelli

The International Counter-Terrorism Center in Jordan

In the middle of the desert of Jordan in the outskirt of Amman, close to burning countries like Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq the Jordanian Government and USA partner together to create the most advanced International Counter-Terrorism Training Center: The KASOTC. Here a unique combination of elite instructors (mostly retired US Special Operators) and advanced technology prepare Warriors for the challenge if the 21st Century armed conflict.

Twenty-five (25) square kilometer facility fully equipped with multiple distance ranges, moving target range, four story, close quarters battle (CQB), live-fire structure and the largest mock city in existence, 67 buildings, which include numerous arrangements from an Afghan village to an embassy. Special battlefield effects, smell of death bodies, hundreds of cameras, microphones, target systems, and simulators.

There’s even a full-scale Airbus 300 aircraft model and control tower with initiating targets to stand up from their seats.
One week training here can cost up to $ 250,000

The War Games are the perfect marketing tool to show to the world facilities and war tools and, of course, to catch customers (Warriors) around the world.
35 teams from all over the world to compete in this War Games. One week all together where they must demonstrate the power to break into a building, neutralize opponents, rescue hostages, assault an aircraft, shoot targets over a thousand meters. General in the stands cheering for the success of their team, while officials comment on the best actions like in a soccer match. U.S. Marines and Tigers Palestinians take the couscous with the hands from the same plate; Chinese shooters and Austrian comparing their rifles; storm troopers of Saudi and Spanish are exchanged daggers, French paratroopers offer water to their old enemies Algerians.

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