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© Jesse Marlow

Wounds remind us that we're breakable. They give an exact GPS location of where we stand in life. And often they leave a scar forever tying us to that moment in time. You see, while perfection is what we're all aiming for, it's the scars that give us the best stories

“Having my arm in a sling for a short period of time some years ago opened my eyes to others around me in similar situations… It was then I began to consider the possibility of producing a series of photographs of people on the street in similar situations. Being wounded is an unfortunate experience most of us have to deal with at some point during our lifetime…Every time I turned a corner for the next few years, it seemed like all I saw was a broken arm or leg and crutches…Photographically it became a challenge to turn interesting looking injuries into interesting photographs…These are not photographs you can set out to take… Sitting outside a hospital would be cheating”

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Sling Shot Press, Melbourne, 2005
88 pages 39 b+w photographs, 6×8½” Hardback, signed with slipcase.
Limited Edition of 1000 copies.

It was designed by award-winning London design firm Purpose. The book won 1st Prize in the 2005 McNaughton Review

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