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Yes We Cann !

© Riverboom

“The industry has been estimated at $ 47 billion per year revenues, much more than all other crops combined: it is certain that cannabis can not only heal illnesses, it can heal the american deficit.”

Four decades have gone by since Richard Nixon declared his famous "war on drugs”, a war which is now globally, and by any standard, considered one of the biggest human and political failures of modern society. Over 1 trillion U.S. dollars has been spent to eradicate drugs from our societies, with no positive results. In many parts of the world, such as Mexico, drug violence has become endemic. Gangs are doing roaring deals and are driving unimaginable profits for organized crime worldwide, while nations' joint efforts at reducing the demand have been completely fruitless.

It is no wonder that countries around the world are rethinking their approach to drugs, with former ministers and politicians admitting the mistakes of the past and pushing for change, starting from cannabis. The legalization of cannabis has been asked by people all over the globe for at least 20 years now, but the undergoing, slow process of social acceptance is only the result of a recent recognition of its medical properties. As politicians around the globe begin to understand that this might be the entry point that enables them to change the figures in which they have failed, major shifts are already occurring in the United States, where five states have recently voted to tax and regulate cannabis consumption.

Underneath these shifts however, lies an even greater revolution: a tenaciously united and like-minded group of women are leading the way in transforming a market which was once governed solely by criminals and dominated by illegality and corruption, into one of the greatest opportunities of change, medical progress, and economical growth of the coming century.

Being nurturing mothers and household caregivers before they are entrepreneurs, these businesswomen have foreseen the historic opportunity to forge the upcoming cannabis market into an industry in which reasons of profit are better balanced with compassion, moral responsibility and a general desire of good doing for the society they live in, and these are their stories…

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