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A few months ago, a fellow explorer told me the Mexican army is now protecting the jungle where the new Tulum airport is going to be built. Most people have not even heard about the proposed airport, but things move quickly in this area. Add the Mayan Train, 1500 km of train construction ploughing through the jungle and you get an idea of how tourism construction is turning the Yucatan jungle into a Mexican Dubai.

Since 2016 I have reported and explored in the area, I have made three documentary films and now have a wealth of local contacts ranging from indigenous Mayans, explorers, environmentalists, hotel owners and politicians. I have a unique insight and contacts allowing me to report stories before they break. That the army is in the jungle has not been reported yet, so that could be the hook for the story, but I have more. We have found pre-historic bones deep a submerged cave, have access to unexplored cenotes and I have the drawings of the resorts about to be developed. In addition to the mentioned reporting, as a cave diver and explorer, I can access the jungle and dive the underground rivers.

Described as next Bali, the It Girl of destinations, Tulum is everywhere: Amazon is developing a TV series about Tulum and look at #Tulum on Instagram which shows a mix of influencers and pundits imitating paradise lifestyle, a curated lifestyle notably absent of Mexicans.

-Klaus Thymann

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