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Yael BC

location: Iceland

Yael BC is an Iceland-based photographer specializing in portraits, conceptual art, fashion, and advertising.
Yael completed her degree at Bezalel Art and Design Academy as a fine art photographer in 2014 and is a member of Físl - The Icelandic Contemporary Photography Association.

Her work revolves around the delicate fusion of reality, memory, and imagination, blurring boundaries between these realms. Yael strives to craft narratives that delve into multifaceted dimensions. Her explorations encompass the intricate tapestry of identity, diversity, and the profound connection between humans, nature, and animals.

Through intentional compositions of her subjects in natural environments, Yael fosters a deeper understanding of our connection to the environment and emphasizes the vital importance of its preservation. Her photography strives to strike a nuanced balance between realism and abstraction while advocating for empathy and the ethical treatment of all living beings.

Surreal elements play a significant role in Yael's artistic vision, allowing her to merge familiar aspects of life with hidden depths and alternative perspectives. By disrupting the confines of familiarity, she challenges conventional notions of normality, inviting viewers to contemplate new possibilities and explore the complexities that lie beneath the surface.

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